EAL Star is a brand new assessment platform brought to you from the creators of EAL HUB. 

Beth Southern is an experienced EAL Consultant and school leader who works closely with many schools each year, across the country improving EAL provision and the experience for EAL learners. During this time, Beth was asked regularly about the best tool for assessment of EAL pupils, and how best could schools track and monitor EAL student progress, assisting teachers with understanding the levels that their students are at. After many years of telling schools that there was very little out there that offered standardised assessment against the DfE proficiency scale, or a solid method of tracking, monitoring or planning intervention and support, Beth decided to produce what was missing.
Over the last 18 months EAL Star was born and the concept quickly grew from seeing a clear gap in the tools real teachers need to best support, alongside providing (very often time short) EAL coordinators with a precious time saving platform where they can see all of their EAL students in one place. This enables real time understanding of your EAL cohort, how they're progressing and what support or intervention they require at the click of a button. Different login levels allow different stakeholders such as class teachers, SLT and governors access to key data and evidence that is crucial to best supporting a child learning English.
In collaboration with partnership schools, EAL Star grew from simply offering assessment of the 4 skills to incorporating what they felt was needed and was lacking from other assessments out there - tracking, monitoring, sharing of data, an EAL register and pupil profiles all in one super platform. In addition to that they asked for the ability to port students and data between schools, an intuitive assessment that knows when a child is struggling and ends the test and a system that populated data automatically to key areas of the platform. 

So that is what we created.

We are continually evolving this platform and will soon add MIS integration (SIMS, Arbor etc) to make the process even more efficient!

"EAL Star is brand new and evolving and we are so excited 
to share this concept with you!"

  Beth Southern - 
Founder of EAL HUB and EAL Star